Our founder Earl Fuller started the business in 1958. His motto was "Service with Integrity" and we continue that commitment today.


What is an annuity?

An Annuity in simple terms, is a savings account between you and an insurance company. The insurance carrier promises to pay interest to you on any monies you deposit with them, just like a bank would. The difference is that any interest a bank gives you, is taxable to you for that year. Any interest in an annuity is deferred until you withdraw it from the annuity. So, your interest accumulates faster in an annuity than what a bank can offer. Also, the annuity pays better rates than a bank can offer without any risk to your principle. Annuities are great for IRA'S, SEP'S and other retirement plans.

They are also good for older people who would like to have an income from their savings that will always be there for them, or for their grandchildren or children. Also, they can be used in ways that can help your children qualify for financial aid for college when used properly.

Annuities can also help you to avoid probate costs, because upon the death of the owner of the contract, it is passed on to the named beneficiaries. There is no need to go through the courts to pass on the money. (and the court and attorney fees you must pay!!!)

You must remember that annuities don't fit every need and you need to talk with the experts at Fuller Insurance to see if they fit your needs. We will be happy to sit down with you in the comfort of your home or at our office to determine what type of annuity fits you.

There are many types along with different time periods and bonuses available so give us a call today @ (413) 525-6386. You'll be glad you did!!!

We now have an annuity which offers a 10% bonus on any monies you put into it over the next five years. that is a yield of a minimum of 13% first year!!!